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You could earn more on top of your contract fees

It starts by submitting more Wellness Assessments

When you become an Platinum provider, as evaluated by the Achievements in Clinical Excellence (ACE) program, you may become eligible for all sorts of fantastic perks, such as:

*Due to state regulatory requirements, California, Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, New York and Texas provider tiering will not be displayed on clinician search results pages. If your practice resides in one of the excluded states, it’s very important that you continue submitting ALERT Wellness Assessments. Your data will continue to be evaluated, and you or your group’s data can still qualify for ACE perks such as free CEUs and the twelve-month fee increase.

In order to be eligible for all these benefits, you need to submit more Wellness Assessments (WA). As you may know, ALERT is built on a confidential, reliable and validated means of identifying targeted risk issues through a review of Wellness Assessment and claims data.  In addition, it provides a baseline measure of member functioning combined with later measures to reflect change in member functioning over time.

  • The WA is a one page assessment tool that you ask the member to complete at the first visit (or prior to the first visit) and then review with the member before faxing to Optum
  • The WA is administered again by you and completed by the member on session 3, 4 or 5 and again reviewed by you and faxed to Optum
  • Clinician participation rates in administering the Wellness Assessment are included in evaluation in the ACE program
  • The more WAs that are submitted, the better cases can be tracked, and the more Member outcomes will be reported back to you in aggregate

For more information on the ACE Clinicians program, click here.