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Enroll in Optum Pay (TM) and get paid faster

Optum Pay™ is an electronic payments and statements (EPS) solution that integrates electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic remittance advice (ERA) with a unique payment number for faster, easier reconciliation.  It is a free and practical service which allows you to receive your claim payments and remittance advices electronically instead of through the mail. Your claim payments will be deposited directly into your designated bank account, and you can access all your payment and remittance advice information via Provider Express- saving you time and money!

Benefits of using Optum Pay:

  • Fast Payment Turnaround Time: Improve your cash flow by eliminating the time checks spend in the mail and being processed by you and your office staff

  • Eliminate or Reduce Bank Fees: No more depositing paper checks or lock box processing charges

  • Access Information Online: Access your payment and remittance advice information online through Provider Express

  • Increase Usability of Information: View, print and save a consolidated Electronic Provider Remittance Advice (EPRA) associated with each payer's direct deposit. Search payment and remittance information by patient name, date, payment number and more!

  • Streamline Processes: Use a HIPAA 835 file to auto-post into your Practice Management System

  • Preserve the Environment: Reduce paper consumption and waste by going electronic

Sign up for Optum Pay today

Registering for Optum Pay is easy! Simply login to Provider Express with your Optum ID, select “EPS” to access the Optum Pay welcome page and provide the information necessary to enroll. 

Don’t have an One Healthcare ID yet? Register for an One Healthcare ID today by clicking this First-time User link. Need help registering for an One Healthcare ID? Watch this quick video.

Check out these Optum Pay resources to learn more: