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Filing claims electronically is fast, convenient and secure

Optum encourages you to file your claim electronically for a fast, secure, and convenient experience.  We currently accept behavioral health and EAP claims electronically through the Claim Entry feature on Provider Express or as an EDI transaction.  It is quick and easy to file electronically – check out the other resources in this section to get started today!

Benefits of filing your claim electronically

  • It's fast - eliminates mail and paper processing delays
  • It's convenient - easy set-up and intuitive process, even for those new to computers
  • It's secure - data security is higher than with paper-based claims
  • It's efficient - electronic processing helps catch and reduce pre-submission errors, so more claims auto-adjudicate
  • It's complete - you get feedback that your claim was received by the payer
  • It's cost-efficient - you eliminate mailing costs and the solutions are free or low-cost