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Checking the status of your claim online is easy and convenient

The Claim Inquiry transaction on Provider Express allows you to see the status of your claim online, regardless of how the claim was submitted.  For example, the status information is available for claims whether they were submitted via Provider Express, through an EDI function, or even if the claims were submitted on paper.

The Claim Inquiry transaction is intuitive and easy-to-use and provides both a summary view and detailed information about your submitted claims.  To learn more about how to check your claim status online, watch this brief video: Claim Inquiry & Claim Adjustment Requests

Request adjustments to your claim online

Optum makes it easy to request an adjustment to your claim.  Simply use the Claim Inquiry transaction to identify the claim and then access the Claim Adjustment feature with the click of a button.

The claim adjustment reason can be selected from a list of available options and a free-text field also allows you to tell us, in your own words, the reason for the adjustment.  Check out the brief Claim Inquiry & Claim Adjustment Requests video to learn more.