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Why it's important to maintain accurate information about your practice

Keep your practice information current

Out-of-date or inaccurate information about your practice is one of the biggest reasons for delayed claim payments.

In addition, your directory status can also be impacted by not maintaining and attesting to your information.

The most important thing you can do to ensure smooth sailing with Optum is to keep your demographic and availability information up to date on Provider Express.  Clients can’t find you if your address is missing, wrong or outdated. Optum can’t pay you correctly if we have an incorrect NPI, Tax Identification number, or payment routing information. If you are unavailable to take new clients, or are on extended leave or vacation, it is a courtesy to indicate that in our system so that clients aren’t trying to refer themselves to you for that specific time.

On the My Practice Info tab on the home page of Provider Express, you can accomplish changes to your address, additions or deletions of an address and much more.  You can indicate your practice availability, turning that feature on and off as necessary. And you can manage the roster of clinicians in your practice.

To learn more about maintaining your practice information on Provider Express, please view our 3-minuted video, "My Practice Info."