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Optum ID has transitioned to One Healthcare ID

Optum ID has been rebranded ad One Healthcare ID

Benefits of One Healthcare ID

  • Scalable by leveraging existing technologies and frameworks
  • Simplified user experience
  • Improves infrastructure by reducing needed resources for development costs
  • Reduces administrative costs and eliminates need to log out and back in to different applications
  • Increases security: improves compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Streamlines access: allows users to update profiles once for use by multiple applications


Making identity management simpler, more secure and scalable than ever before

Optum ID is being rebranded to One Healthcare ID as we migrate our services to the cloud. For providers, the only change you will see is the branding. You DO NOT need to create a new username and password for One Healthcare ID. Your same Optum ID credentials will log you into One Healthcare ID and all your online applications will work exactly as they always have.

The reason we're making this change is to better align with our customer and provider needs around neutral branding (no Optum, UHC or UHG), and broaden the use of our authentication services. One Healthcare ID retains the simplicity and security of Optum ID while also staying up-to-date with best-in-class capabilities such as biometrics, tokens and on-demand multifactor authentication.

As a cloud-based identity management platform, One Healthcare ID provides a simpler, more secure solution that provisions access for health care professionals inside and outside of the enterprise.