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Emotional Wellbeing Solutions - A modern and flexible employee assistance program to support everyday life

Diversify your business while providing care at a critical time

You’ll earn the same rate as standard outpatient therapy

As a behavioral health care professional, you’re acutely aware of the critical role you play in helping people get through tough times. By offering brief counseling intervention through our Emotional Wellbeing Solutions program, you can play an important role in helping empower people with resources that help build resilience. And in doing so, you’ll create another path toward long-term patient relationships and more stability for your business.

 No special certification needed — All network therapists – those who have completed our credentialing and contracting process – may provide Emotional Wellbeing services.*
 Same reimbursement as outpatient services — Unlike other payers, you earn the same rate for Emotional Wellbeing sessions (allowable codes) as you do for routine outpatient therapy.
  No member copay to collect — All you need to do is submit the claim via EDI or the portal. Members have no financial responsibility because employers cover the cost of services.
 Easy to transition to ongoing counseling — Once the Emotional Wellbeing session limits have been reached, you can continue to see the member under their behavioral health benefit.

What you need to know

The uncertainty and upheaval of the past several years have challenged Americans in unprecedented ways. More than half of U.S. workers report significant daily stress levels, with finances and work having the greatest negative impacts on mental health. Factor in continued concerns about COVID-19 and other viruses, trauma from racial incidents and violent events, and the pressure of personal, family and work commitments. It’s a never-ending storm of stress – employees are looking for support.**

Authorization and Billing

There are 3 parts to working with members through the Emotional Wellbeing Solutions program:

  • Members request authorization for services in 1 of 2 ways:
    • Online: Through their Live and Work Well account
    • By phone: Call the number on the back of their ID card
  • You can ask the member for the authorization information or use the Auth Look-up tool in the Provider Express secure portal to verify details.
  • When you submit a claim for services, be sure to use an appropriate procedure code, the required modifier and a diagnosis code.

Intervention vs. Ongoing Counseling

Emotional Wellbeing Solutions is designed to provide assessment, referral and a brief counseling intervention.

Members are authorized for a limited number of sessions (in-person or virtual) with a mental health or substance use disorder clinician.* There is no cost to members for this service.

For ongoing care, members would then use the behavioral health benefits provided in their health insurance plan – talk therapy, in-patient treatment, medication management and others, as outlined in the plan.

Additional Resources

*The typical Emotional Wellbeing Solutions benefit offers a limited number of sessions with a mental health or substance use disorder clinician for counseling services. There are limitations around the use of these benefits with a psychiatrist or other clinician for medication management, as these services are not included in the Emotional Wellbeing Solutions program. (This will be at the bottom of the actual webpage; it’s here simply for reference. You’ll see asterisks in a few spots, and all will relate to this copy)

**Gallup 2023 State of the Global Workplace report.