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Individually Credentialed Clinicians

CAQH Participation is required in the majority of the states to join our network. If your state requires it, you will be required to enter your CAQH ID # on the credentialing application. To participate in CAQH, please contact:

Improve the Speed of Processing - Tips for Applying to the Network

We recently conducted an audit of credentialing application issues. Here's an at-a-glance view of the most common issues that will slow down or lead to the cancellation of  the credentialing of your application to join our network.

  • Your CAQH profile status is incomplete or expired
  • Your group information including but not limited to primary and practice locations listed on your UBH Network Participation form does not match what you have listed on your CAQH profile 
  • We do not have authorization to access your CAQH application (log into the CAQH ProView Provider portal, go to the user account setting menu and review the Authorization section to update your preferences to authorize United Behavioral Health/US Behavioral Health Plan)
  • Information in your completed CAQH profile needs to be updated (Examples include Practice Information, Credentialing Contact information, License and Professional Liability Insurance effective and expiration dates)
The information on CAQH must match the information you provide on the Optum NPRF form.
  • Attaching the wrong document
  • Not signing the W-9 form or providing an incorrect Tax ID number or EIN
  • Current Professional Liability Insurance Certificate
Providing all the correct and completed documents is required.

Slow response time to requested information.

  • Individual Contracts
  • Disclosure of Ownership documents
Missing documents are sent out via DocuSign.  Sign and return as quickly as possible. 

After clicking the Continue button you will be prompted to register or login to Provider Express. Once you are logged in to Provider Express, please use the Join Our Network feature in the menu to proceed to the credentialing application.

For help with this process: Registering a Provider Access and Starting the Online Optum Credentialing Application

Individual providers – Login to Provider Express and use the Check Initial Credentialing Status under the My Network Status feature in the menu