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Genoa Healthcare

Genoa Healthcare

Working together to integrate and optimize pharmacy care through improved access, affordability and elevation of the member and provider experience

Optum acquired Genoa Healthcare in September 2018 to enhance services for patients with behavioral health conditions. Genoa Healthcare’s model provides specialized behavioral health pharmacy services at community mental health centers, through prescription mail order/delivery, and via their clinical pharmacy team. Genoa’s clinical pharmacists focus on optimizing patients’ medication regimens and combating barriers to patient success.

Support for patients and providers every step of the way

Genoa’s pharmacies are conveniently located within community mental health centers (CMHCs) and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), contributing to easy patient access and improved care coordination with their healthcare team. Their clinical team receives specialized training, which supports efforts to engage difficult to reach populations. Genoa’s pharmacy model also focuses on reducing barriers to medication adherence and improving overall patient well-being. Genoa staff can support patients comprehensively through the care continuum, regardless of severity – from simple refills to injectable medications.

Patient care isn’t complete if patients don’t feel equipped to get ⁠— and stay on ⁠— their prescribed medications. Genoa’s services support individual patient needs and can include specialty packaging, assistance with synchronizing medications, support with prior authorizations, medication optimization, and they provide 24-hour customer service. Genoa is a hands-on partner in patient health.

A team committed to making a difference

The Genoa team is committed to making a difference through patient-focused care delivery.
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Pharmacy support – a critical part of patient care

For over 20 years, Genoa has partnered closely with care teams to provide high-touch, people-first pharmacy care. Genoa staff knows the challenges that can come with complex, chronic conditions and the barriers that prevent patients from staying on track with their treatment. They work closely with care teams and caregivers because they know improving outcomes takes a village.

Genoa Comprehensive Medication Management Solution (CMMS)