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Optum - Preferred Vendor Programs

Electronic Medical Records Solutions (EMR)*

EMR Solution Key Features Target Provider Type Discounted Cost
Empathic Clinical Link

Web based, state of the art, integrated practice management system for behavioral health professionals. Empathic is a complete clinical and business infrastructure for your practice, with a proprietary clinical business process that has been shown to save up to 85% administrative effort. Following Best Practice, it successfully integrates a full array of clinical notes, legal and ethical requirements for HIPAA documentation, Releases of Information, third party Releases with alerts when authorizations are due, electronic billing, claims and accounting into one simple, seamless process.

  • Secure - Fully Encrypted at rest and in transmission
  • Live technical and business support
  • Cutting edge, Web 3.0, Clinical Decision Support
  • Electronic Billing, Automated Claims Management and ERA postings
  • Fully integrated Financial Services
  • Professional consultation network with encrypted messaging system

Private Practice and Clinics:Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors

25% discount off current pricing
NetSmart - Helper EMR
  • Modular, web-based solution
  • Stand-alone EMR or combo EMRX solutions available (see InfoScriber below)
  • Customizable Assessments, Treatment Plans, Progress Notes and Medication Histories
  • Practice Management, Claims Processing, Credit Card Processing, and Online CE Course modules also available
Individual provider and private practice, including psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists and social workers 15% discount from current pricing for NetSmart licenses.
NetSmart - myAvatar
  • ARRA-certified EHR & practice management solution
  • Specifically created for Behavior Health industry
  • Highly customizable, role-based solution that is easy to navigate
  • Optional modules include e-prescribing, treatment planning, reporting, record keeping, order entry, chart tracking, incident tracking and electronic signature

Medium to large size behavioral health practices who want an intuitive, customizable solution

Also a comprehensive solution for public health agencies

15% discount from current pricing for NetSmart licenses
NetSmart - TIER®
  • EHR solution for operating in accordance with demand for quality assurance, compliance and managed care
  • Designed around a work flow system that is customizable and carries individuals through entire continuum of care
  • Integrates existing case management and scheduling
  • Includes CPOE/MAR bar coding, group scheduling, notes, treatment planning, bed management, assessments, physician certification/recertification, infection control, automated orders, discharge planning
Small to medium behavioral health practices who want an intuitive, customizable solution with many different modules including substance abuse 15% discount from current pricing for NetSmart licenses.



*Please note:

  1. Any and all discounts are offered at the discretion of the vendor partners and may be subject to change, limited availability and other restrictions.
  2. Optum cannot and does not guarantee the availability of any particular discount offered by a vendor, nor does Optum guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness, or completeness of any discount information provided by a vendor.
  3. It is the your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions set forth by each of the vendors, including but not limited to any applicable return, shipping, and billing policies and/or applicable fees and taxes.
  4. When attempting to utilize a vendor discount, you agree that neither Optum nor its parent company, subsidiaries, or affiliates, shall be liable for any damages whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential (including lost profits) sustained or incurred in connection with the installation, operation, or use of the products and services purchased by you pursuant to the program, regardless of the form of the action, whether in contract, tort including negligence, strict liability or otherwise, and whether or not such damages were foreseen or unforeseen.
  5. Optum is not responsible for the quality, delivery, warranty, or conditions of any product purchased by you. Questions about specific discounts and any purchases made under the program should be directed to the appropriate vendor.
  6. Optum is not responsible for any of your obligations as a purchaser with respect to any product purchased from the vendors or liable for any of your obligation under any contract with the vendors.
  7. The vendors are independent contractors, and not agents of OptumHealth. Optum is not the agent of the vendors. You are an independent contractor, and not the agent of Optum. Optum is not your agent.