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Encryption Information

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security technology that ensures the privacy of data being sent over the internet by encrypting the data so that only an authorized person can read it.

To maintain a high level of security, we recommend the following practices:

  • Eliminate cached pages before leaving a shared or public computer.
  • We recommend that you close the browser you were using before leaving.
  • Protect and never share your login information. Do not be duped by malicious emails asking for your password. This is a well-known trick designed to trick you into sharing your password. Provider Express support will never ask you for your password through an email exchange.
  • Always complete an online session by logging out when done. Be sure to do so before leaving your computer. It is quick and easy and may save your account from unwanted trespassers.
  • Make sure that you are using an up-to-date version of your browser version (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Versions that are more recent often have enhanced security protection.
  • If using a browser such as Internet Explorer, turn off the auto complete feature. This feature will remember User IDs and passwords, as well as other information you type into Web pages that contain forms. When the browser encounters this form again, it will prefill the form with your answers from last time. This feature could enable other users of your computer to log in as you.
  • If using Internet Explorer, set your temporary browser file setting to refresh your Web pages once every browser session. Change this setting prior to logging in, then close and restart your browser.